The Rockin' Rocco Family!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well, first things first, Mark is another year older since I last wrote. He's 33 and he turned to that age on 9/9/09 which I think is pretty cool...3 * 3 = 9 on 9/9/2009. He's so lucky and yet, did we buy a lotto ticket that day? No. Oops.

We didn't really celebrate too terribly much. We still need to go to a new restaurant we have a gift certificate to and enjoy that. Lately it has been difficult to get out and do things, though, because I have been busying myself with rearranging the file room at the office. I am F-O-U-R boxes of files away from being done, done, done! Then, let the cataloging begin. The new filing structure will be such a blessing when it is time to rid ourselves of one or more years of files as everything will now be filed by the last patient visit or the last contact we had with the patient. We have to keep these puppies for 7 years. That means we have countless files for people that we've never met which we have to keep in storage for quite some time. Wow.

Other than that, I finally was able to "play" with my new candy making equipment and what fun I had! :) Last weekend, I made Chocolate Brownie Bombs. Trust me, you want some....they're yummy and well worth ignoring my wheat allergy for. I have to behave a little right now, though, because I went a bit overboard on ignoring the allergy and so the first part of this last week, I had some pretty nasty arthritis in my hands. Not fun, but the macaroni and cheese and spaghetti dishes (as well as those yummy brownies) were all at least fabulously tasty and so it was tolerable.

Back to Mark's birthday, though, I neglected to mention that I made him some brownies and grabbed some frosting and whipped cream from the store as well as some yummy Rocky Mountain Road and Almond Joy ice creams from Josh and Johns and made him a brownie sundae that evening for his birthday treat...topped with one of those yummy brownie balls! He was quite happy and more so because our friend Jewel made him a second set of cream cheese brownies (after we convinced her that they were yummy...she was a little leary at first - sheltered!). Naturally, because he's a sweetie, he brought them home to share. Unfortunatley, Charlotte ran the bag into a light pole and as a result, we had a batch of cream cheese and glass brownies. I salvaged them best as I could (you just don't waste food made by Jewel!!) and for the most part, I only bit into what I assume was a glass shard twice (two different brownies). Oops. At least they were so tasty I didn't care...and at least it didn't make me bleed.

Well, it is really late here and so I think that is about the only update you're going to get from me here, but you are welcome to go check out my blog for my business: and learn about my scouting trip to a favorite chocolate store to see all the neat things I could make with my candy making supplies. You might even find a recipe you'll enjoy there!

Oh, wait, though, before I go, quick Nicholas update. He is a shape sorting king. He has two (soon to be three) different shape sorters and he loves playing with them. His favorite is the wooden one from Pottery Barn he received from his godparents, but he's also fond of the plastic Fisher Price one he has. It is really fun to watch him figure things out. He is also having a blast lately with my scent testers from scentsy. He likes to stack them, knock them over, smell them and take the lid on and off. If only adults could be so easily amused... Finally, his blocks seem to finally be of interest and he seems to have lost his fear of the vacuum which makes cleaning the house a lot easier!! He's still cute as a bug and approaching 3T in clothing so he's quite a tall little boy.

And, I just remembered, he went to his first MOPs meeting with me this week. He didn't attend last year...stayed home with Daddy. This year (at least for a while) he and Daddy are going to the Moppets rooms together. He's enjoying checking out all the new toys he hasn't see. Okay, now my brain is racing about things on Nicholas, but I really truly must go to bed! Night everyone!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Points for Consistency

Well, so much for my saying I was going to get back into the habit of blogging here for everyone. :) I guess I have improved somewhat...November to June vs. June to August...that's a little shorter time frame, eh? Of course, there are probably very few individuals who actually keep up with this fun little blog now-a-days because I am so utterly aweful at keeping it updated much like Nicholas' totsite...which come to think of it, I probably need to renew or it will go poof very soon. Add that to the to do list!

So what on Earth is keeping us so busy that we can't even find time to tell you?
Well, for me, the short list would be Nicholas, my Dove Chocolate business and Mark's practice in approximately that order. There are lots of fun play dates on my schedule for Nicholas as we try to get him socialized and learning at the right pace. Chocolate tasting parties are falling from the sky and, naturally, are about to multiply due to the impending holiday season. Let's hope it is very merry for us as it would be so nice to have some addiitonal cash flow. I do have some new team members joining me soon as well so that will, of course, provide another focus...I want to be sure those who start their business with me receive the training they need to hit the ground running and rock the chooclate world! As for the practice, I have decreased my involvement dramatically, but the bookkeeping and some other sundry tasks are still on my desk for now. I'm looking to pretty much wrap my involvement there since I've done what I needed to do and, in time, can step away.

For Mark, the practice and Nicholas (not necessarily in that order) seem to keep him hopping. He's been working very hard lately at devising ways to bring more patients to the clinic as well as working on some staffing solutions. Now it is just a matter of getting everyone up to speed and on the same page so that they can regrow the clinic by leaps and bounds. Whenever he's not working, Mark is very helpful at keeping Nicholas occupied so I can tackle some of the things on my plate.

As for that cute little red headed Nicholas boy (aka Mommy's little gingerbread man), he busies himself daily with just being cute and playing. His favorite activities of late have been hanging outside on the deck or down in the yard, venturing over to the park and going next door to play with various little children that come to visit. He is very tall and did I mention that he is just cute as can be? He certainly gets a lot of kisses and hugs from us....thankfully, he likes to give them as well and they've become much less sloppy, but I kind of liked the sloppy kisses, I do have to admit. They're fine as long as they involve my little guy and not a dog.

Speaking of the dog, Charlotte is doing okay. She and Mark are having a few disagreements lately over how she should behave and work, but that is to be expected from an animal that pretty much acts like a teenager and tests her limits every chance she gets. She and I tolerate each other. I have a difficult time having an animal that isn't a bird or a fish inside again (the kitties staying inside was pretty much pushed aside the first time I saw a cat hair in baby Nicholas' mouth).

Speaking of kitties, it looks like we are without. Pixie disappeared a ocuple of months ago. I was really hoping she would resurface, but so far not so. I do hope she is okay and just being loved on by someone else. It makes me very sad as she was such a sweet kitty and I was looking forward to having her back around whenever we are done with the renting stage, but I guess we'll either a) have to get another cat (I vote black or Siaamese!) or b) do without. I think if given the choice, I'd go for a parakeet. I miss the singing from Woodstock...not sure I'd go for a larger bird again. They seem a little dangerous now that I have a little boy running around and truth be told, I just am not in need of noise. I need quiet and parrots are certainly not in that category!

As far as specific events, we did celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on July 31. That was fun...we began listening to a lecture on fingernail and tongue analysis and ended up at Emergicare where Nicholas experienced his first set of stiches. It took 4 of us to hold the little guy down. The reason for our trip? He ran into a glass table at the lecture venue and cut a spot below his eyebrow open. He is really a rough and tumble little kid. It took a little getting used to seeing all the scars and stuff on him. I guess he couldn't stay perfectly unblemished forever....but I certainly loved it when he didn't have any reminders of all the owies he's experienced.

Well, that is a brief update of where we are. Perhaps as I am working on streamlining my activities, I will continue to improve on my blogging here. Sadly, I think it will be more of the same if I do as I am not nearly as diligent at writing about the cute little thing Nicholas did from day to day. I just try to enjoy them and live's not as good for blogging, but it certainly helps me stay in the present and that is probably worth it all! Blessing to you - have a sweet day!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yep, We're Still Rockin'

I'll bet you thought we fell off the face of the planet, didn't you? Well, we didn't. Not completely at least. There's been a lot going on behind the scenes around here which we just really aren't at liberty to speak about at this time and as a result I, dear friends and family, have not been able to post even remotely regularly; however, I shall try to get back in the habit.

I have quite a few goals for myself in the next few months - I plan to get back into a regular blogging schedule. Not sure what that means right at this moment, but we'll figure it out. We're experiencing something of a new beginning in our family as a result of some of the stuff I can't talk about having transpired. I'll just apologize profusely now for my "teasing." I really don't mean it to be so, but vagueness at the moment is kind of expected and necessary. Should there ever be a time (which I am inclined to say there will not be) that I feel sharing is appropriate, I will, but don't hold your breath!

So, at any rate, I shall be making an effort to post more regularly. I also am quite determined to get myself back up-to-date (which is no small feat, unfortunately) with Nicholas' totsite. Wow, that is going to take some I may not get it done until Christmas unless I just happen to have some crazy luck. :)

I am, after all, just one big ball of activity. For those who like to keep up with my craziness, I am still helping with Mark's business though I am, thankfully, no longer playing a major role. Accounting-related tasks are mine...everything else has been passed off to a new office manager who I trust implicitly with the success of the business and keeping everyone else in line. Mark is also in a more prominent role with the departure of the previous owner of the business and we're enjoying watching the business grow into a thriving place of health and healing.

In addition to the clinic which has been renamed Springs Family Chiropractic, I am still doing the Scentsy thing. However, that has been moved, to a great extent, to the secondary business slot because at the beginning of May I began a sweet new business with Dove Chocolate Discoveries (tm). I LOVE my new job! Can there be anything better than getting paid to share chocolate (and more specifically, Dove Chocolate!) with the world? I can't think of many....maybe just getting paid to stay home and love on Nicholas. :)

I am still at home with Nicholas as well. He just turned 2 on May 26 if you can believe it. The little tyke is the size of a 4 year old! He is seriously one very tall little man...and he still has his red hair. He is absolutely adorable (not that I'm a little predjudiced, of course). As I write this, he is running through the hallway giggling with cute! Earlier this evening, he was practicing saying "hiiiiii" and I just really wanted to go get the video camera, but I didn't want to miss anything so no video. Just gotta live in the moment sometimes. :)

Nicholas had a fun birthday party on May 31 (this past Sunday) and did very well in the gift area. Have to admit that I had to be reminded that some of the toys are his and not mine! A popup "play tent" shaped like a school bus, an Elmo that is like a Mr. Potato Head, a Cool Fire Engine, fun puzzles and a weird tribble-like ball as well as always useful gift cards were some of the spoils. Because Nicholas isn't much for opening gifts yet, I have some thank you notes to write. Of course, my dear little boy has made off with the list of gifts and who gave them to him so I now get to prove that my mind is still sharp and can remember such things on its own! :)

To backtrack a little, the chocolate business is quite amusing for me. I now get to feel like someone on the food network everytime I have a party. I get to demonstrate how to make yummy treats and teach entertaining ideas while making people happy. It is way easier to get someone to book a chocolate tasting party, I've learned, than it is to get them to do a candle party. Way easier! I actually served some of our products at Nicholas' birthday party which I should mention we held at Nancy Lewis park here in C/S. A lot less exciting than the zoo for some, but perfect for Nicholas who ran all over the place, enjoyed the swings and managed to get his first mild sunburn. Oops. Thankfully, it was very mild and cooled down quickly.

He's quite a dare devil lately and is getting lots of scrapes and scratches. Kind of annerving for a Mommy, but I'm surviving. Yesterday afternoon was one of the best, he fell down in the kitchen and cut his chin open. Wow. Took Grandma Nina and I close to 10 minutes to calm him down just a little. Thank goodness for the puppy Grandma and Grandpa Allen gave to him!

Speaking of my parents they were able to attend the birthday celebration and also were able to stay with us for a couple of days. That was really nice. Nicholas and I will get to see them again next week when we go down to Lamar where I've scheduled a few little chocolate tasting parties (really need to get a set of invitations out for the party my mother and I are hosting!). I am looking forward to that.

Nicholas is currently seeing a music therapist to help encourage him to vocalize a little more. He isn't talking as much as a kid his age should be apparently, but he certainly is sharp as a tack. He knows what he wants, he knows what we want and when the two are not in congruence, he's pretty frustrated. :) He really seems to enjoy the music sessions whether they'll help him talk more or not. We tend to think he may just be more focused on physical-related stuff. He is certainly all boy and enjoys running, climbing and rough housing. :)

Well, that little boy needs to go to sleep (we're running a bit late tonight since we treated him to some ice cream) so I shall say good-bye and go tuck him in. Hopefully he will fall asleep before I do! Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Suppose I Should Write Something...

We have a lot going on so it's taken some doing to get here to write a quickie hello and let you know about some of our fun times lately. I wish I could say I see a slow down soon, but probably not for a few months. Eventually everything will fall into place and things will be easy breezy - I just know it.

So, first, we'll talk Nicholas. He's such a big little boy now. Goodness, it's hard to believe he's going to turn 18 months at the end of this month. He's wearing 2T clothes right now for the most part. His hair has really come in and it is still red, red, red...and gorgeous. Oh he is such a cute little guy!

For Halloween, Nicholas dressed up like a little zebra. When he took his hat off, he resembled an adorable (if that is possible) escaped convict. I need to clean his costume so I can dress him up in it and get some more pictures. I was a bit under the weather on Halloween so I didn't get many and whether any are good is debateable. ;)

Mark is doing well with a new guide dog that joined our family the 1st of October. Her name is Charlotte and she is a cute black lab. She's shedding all over the place and driving me a bit nuts with hair, but I'm dealing.

Nicholas loves Charlotte. Thanks to her, he is now a pro at playing fetch. He gets the ball from either Mark or I, runs to the kitchen, throws it and Charlotte grabs it brings it back to Mark or I and then the process starts again. If you get a chance to watch this, you'll love how happy Nicholas gets.

He's also been perfecting his ability to climb stairs and has also managed to figure out how to open doors and drawers in the house. The drawer opening resulted in a couple of incidents where his changing table and he got up close and personal and so Mark devised what I call the "Macgyver Kiddie Proof System." He's tied rope around three door handles and has fixed up a couple more for drawers in the kitchen. It's pretty ingenius and I figure I better take some pictures so that the rest of the world can adopt our super inexpensive baby-proofing idea. :)

My Scentsy business is doing well. I had a party last weekend that had great sales. :) I also went to Lamar the weekend of Halloween (with the fam) and sold most of my scent bar inventory. Now I'm slowly trying to whittle down my warmer inventory. This weekend will be another opportunity as I'm participating in an Open House I organized with Cookie Lee Jewelry, Mary Kay, Upper Case Living and Bubble Goddess Bath Company. It's sure to be a great time! Please stop by the office (4740 Flintridge Dr.) between 10 and 3 on Saturday if you can and see what we all have to offer...there will be treats!

As for Mark's practice, things are going well. He's been taking steps to ensure the patients become more acquainted with him and we've all been perfecting our ability to use the new software program. It is really pretty nice especially since it seems that I may be able to keep up and not get far behind like I was for a while there with the accounting.

We've had a few changes in our staff and now have a fabulous team that we think will help us make it very successful. Our front desk person is a real go-getter and loves to ensure that the accounting side of things is right. I love her.

We are having a grand opening for Metro Health Services on November 19 if you would like to attend. It will take place from noon to 6 p.m. and we're looking forward to it! Mark has a promotion to do a free exam of some sort (I don't have all the details) for new patients on this day...give the office a call (email me for the number if you need it) - this is the perfect time to get yourself in our doors and on the road to better health! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Way Too Long

Sorry I don't seem to get here hardly at all now, do I? I do manage to write a little something on the Nicholas blog periodically, but even that isn't as often as I'd like. And this will be a short one, I imagine, too...or not. You know me.

So we've been just swamped with the businesses. Scentsy is going pretty well for me though it could be better if I were willing to sacrifice my role as mommy. :) The other business is going pretty well, too. Mark is getting lots of new patients, but we're also having issues with medicare which is making it a challenge at times. We'll make it but it probably isn't going to be a walk in the park.

Speaking of which, we did go to the zoo this past Sunday after getting Nicholas a new pair of tennis shoes (his first!). That was a lot of fun and it was nice. We don't do a lot as a family lately...because when Mark's able to be home, I'm trying to catch up on business stuff and when he's not, well Nicholas and I are hanging. Nicholas is quite a lucky little guy getting so much time with both his parents.

I sometimes feel like I am not giving Nicholas the attention he deserves because I am so busy, busy with all the stuff for the business and such. I guess though he really does get more of my attention than many children get from their mommies so I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

Finally as I type furiously so that I can go give some time to Nick who's feeling quite unhappy lately as more teething episodes occur (we stayed up watching Groundhog Day last night...not watching TV much for a good portion of his life has really made it an excellent tool when he's feeling awful), I'll ask for all of your prayers. We have some financial "issues" on the horizon that we aren't looking forward to dealing with both with the business and our personal lives. We are going to need a little help from above for everything to work out nice and pretty.

Oh, and if you happen to live in Colorado Springs and would like to check out Scentsy, this weekend I am having an open house at the clinic's classroom. I'd love to see you and show you our new nifty scents and mini plug-in warmers. :) It will be going from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you need more info, please just give me a call or an email and I'll fill you in!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 Years & Counting

Four years ago at this time, I was in Colorado and I was exhausted. I'd danced the day away, been in countless photos and had earned a new title and a new last name (which I was a slacker about changing, but I finally got it done!). Yep, it's our anniversary today and it is so nice to be back in Colorado to celebrate it.

We were actually here to celebrate last year as well...with our little two month old baby Nicholas. But it was a little less amusing (for me at least) than this year because last year, we spent most of our anniversary visiting the clinic we now operate instead of going to lunch at Marigolds. We at least were able to make up for it with some goodies from there tonight.

Our celebration was quite lovely for this first bit (for I was told at dinner that a second celebration is planned - brunch at the Broadmoor!) - dinner at the Craftwood Inn using a coupon we found in a magazine. We had a yummy 5 course dinner and for about what we'd have spent on two entrees without the coupon....sweet!

Mark also surprised me today with flowers and a lovely card that really is fitting for where we are in our marriage. I appreciate his thoughtfulness. I'm pretty lucky to have a thoughtful guy who tries very hard as my husband.

I am hopeful that the coming year will be one we will remember for many happy moments. If all goes well, we're hoping to host an anniversary celebration next year - my biggest hope is that my dress which I was supposed to wear to the first celebration will actually fit (which is likely since my hormones are behaving much better!). I have some other wish list items as well, but a girl has to have a few secrets...

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We have Dr. Chi in town to examine our patients' fingernails and tongues so we'll be busy! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back again...

I didn' t realize I hadn't posted here for so long. I guess we've been keeping me otherwise occupied. :)

I have been having lots of fun with my business and Nicholas and I've been keeping pretty busy with Mark's practice as well. Hopefully at some point I'll feel like I'm not a chicken with its head cut off. ;)

This weekend was a good one. We went to a party for Mark's networking group in Manitou Springs. It was such fun and even more so since I was able to share my Scentsy products with the ladies in attendance. They were all quite pleased and placed several orders which is great since I have three left before my first 60 days is over and I'm hoping to hit one more level before that is up!

There was so much food at the party since we all brought something to share....kalua pork, salsa, potato salad, etc. We brought what I named the "Dolly Madison Zinger Trifle." If you are a trifle snob, I'll be the first to admit, it is *not* a true's probably closer to a mess, but I prefer to call it a trifle and since it isn't likely to be published in a culinary masterpiece, I'm sure you'll go with me on it. It was composed of coconut cake (the same as for Nicholas' birthday cake which, erhem, I was going to recreate, but when the cake comes out in pieces, a trifle it becomes!), raspberry jam, shredded coconut, coconut pudding and whipped cream for good measure. It was really pretty and very tasty...especially the next day after it was able to sit around for a while. I think I might just have to mess up another cake so I can make it a day ahead of time because there weren't many leftovers to enjoy that second day! ;)

Yesterday was a very productive day for me as well. The downstairs office area is now useable space...not a dumping ground as it has been acting. It was a necessary change since the computer I am currently typing on will be taking a little trip to the geeks at Best.Buy to fix its speakers. They are just awful and we've just not taken care of it....laziness for part of the time and then, well, I didn't have another computer out and available so that was an issue, but not anymore! I think it will be nice to have a desk again and I'm hoping it will lead to the kitchen table being nice and organized rather than looking like a desk with tons of in process projects. :)

We're having pictures of Nicholas taken again today. We're doing a few makeups for lighting problems and what not with his 12 month pictures. The pictures will be taken at the Broadmoor so we're sure to have some really lovely ones when all is said and done....hopefully Nicholas will be in a better mood today, too!